Our Trips

For 32 sun-drenched years kayak rentals have been the sole focus of our business.

That means we know what’s waiting to be discovered deep within the living park. Seals, caves, dolphins, rugged coastline, golden sand beaches …they’re out there…and more. That heritage also makes us uniquely qualified to prepare our clients so they feel safe and confident.

As the only company specialising in kayak rentals, we provide a comprehensive safety briefing and a comprehensive set of trip options. Our years of experience have enabled us to piece together the best trips and we overlay that with our knowledge and passion for the park. 

So when you’re serious about getting a taste of freedom, come and see us at Abel Tasman Kayaks - Kayak Rentals and Do It Your Way! Our trips are set out by days and activity type so read below to find out what will suit you best.

1 - 5 day hire provides the versatility for you to plan your own trip. Explore the enchanting granite coastline under your own steam to find your favourite spot. We have options from 1 - 5 days.

If you can't find a trip that matches your requirements from our extensive range of packaged options email us and we can custom build you a trip.

Kayak rental pricing  Per person
 1 Day rental $90pp
 2 Day rental $130pp
 3 Day rental $160pp
 4 Day rental $190pp
 5 Day rental $220pp
 Additional Days $40pp
 Water Taxi retrieval for a single kayak $20
 Water Taxi retrieval for a double kayak $40
 Bag Transfer - per transfer $20
 Various camping gear for hire  
Accommodation Pricing per night Per Person
DoC Camp Site

$15pp NZ

$30pp Intl 

DoC Hut

$38pp NZ

$75pp Intl

Awaroa Glamping (2 people)

From $140


Park Starts are designed to travel one way and as the name suggests start in the park. The beauty of these trips is that you paddle in the same direction as the sea breeze rather than going against it. You complete our safety briefing and then catch the 11.00 am water taxi up to your destination of choice (as far North as Onetahuti) and then paddle back over a number of days to Marahau. We offer trips from 2 - 5 days to explore the park. 

Awaroa Park-Start

This is the premium Park Start option for clients with previous paddling experience or are competent in the outdoors. Starting from 3 days, the Awaroa Park Start gives you access to sections of the Abel Tasman Coastline that have been previously restricted to tours with our experienced guides. After taking part in the pre-trip Park Start safety briefing in Marahau, you will take the 11.00 am water taxi north though to Awaroa Beach. From here you have many options; explore the amazing Awaroa Lagoon (tide dependent), stay a night at Waiharekeke Beach, paddle the Awaroa Headland and explore the incredible rock formations, as well as visiting Shag Harbour on your way south (tide dependent). Check out our 3, 4 and 5 day variations of this awesome trip.

Meet in the Park

Our Meet in the Park trips are a variation of the Park Start options and are designed for clients doing other Great Walk activities in the Abel Tasman before they start their kayak experience.  It is customised to your preferred itinerary, but will always start with a mandatory kayak safety briefing at our Marahau Base the day of or day prior (depending on your overall itinerary) to your Abel Tasman adventure starting.   Fill out this form with your plans and we can come back with options and pricing. Add an additional $50 pp for this option.

If you can't find a trip that suits from our options we can build you a custom trip, fill out this form and we can get back to you with suggestions and pricing.

Park Starts include kayak hire, kayak transfer, passenger transfer & camp site(s)
 Per person
 2 Day Park Start $210pp
 3 Day Park Start $255pp
 4 Day Park Start $300pp
3 Day Awaroa Park Start


4 Day Awaroa Park Start


5 Day Awaroa Park Start


Various camping gear for hire

 From $9

Alternative camping accommodation per night Per person
Awaroa Glamping (2 people) From $140




A kayak and walk trip provides the flexibility to experience the Abel Tasman on both land and sea. Our trips start off with our briefing and then you spend time paddling the beautiful golden beaches, peaceful coves and lagoons, offshore islands, wildlife and the native forest fringing our granite coastline! We pick up your kayak and you continue by foot to explore the Abel Tasman great walk coastal track. We have trips that walk both North and South and from 1 - 5 days that are packaged with everything included.  If you can't find an option that suits we can custom build a trip specifically for you.

Kayak & Walks include kayak hire, kayak transfer, passenger transfer & camp site(s)  
1 Day Kayak & Walk (does not include passenger transfer) $110pp
2 Day Kayak & Walk South (does not include passenger transfer) $125pp
2 Day Kayak & Walk North $170pp
3 Day Kayak & Walk South $220pp
3 Day Kayak & Walk North $230pp
4 Day Kayak & Walk South (does not include passenger transfer) $195pp
4 Day Kayak & Walk North $275pp
5 Day Kayak & Walk North $290pp

Water taxi retrieval for single kayak  $20 per transfer 
Water taxi retrieval for double kayak  $40 per transfer
Bag/Pack transfer  $20 per bag
Passenger transfer from Marahau - Anchorage/Torrent Bay  $40 per person
Passenger transfer from Marahau - Bark Bay  $42 per person
Passenger transfer from Marahau - Tonga  $45 per person
Passenger transfer from Marahau - Awaroa  $48 per person
Passenger transfer from Marahau - Totaranui  $50 per person

We can customise a trip just for you! Fill out this for form and we will get back to you with suggestions and pricing.

We provide the following for your kayak trip:
Buoyancy vest, spray skirt, paddle jacket, paddle, safety emergency flares, water-proof map, water pump and a spare paddle. Additional items in the winter: wetsuits, wetsuit booties.

We also hire camping gear, these can be booked at time of booking online or over the phone. 

Item   Per Day Additional Days

Full camping Pack (1 person) Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, cooking set


Full camping Pack (2 person) Tent, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooking set










Cooking set (2 person) kitchen set, gas cooker and gas canister RentalCookSet1Sml $25.00 $12.50
Two person tent  RentalTentOrg3 $25.00 $12.50
Sleeping bag and liner RentalSleepingBagMatOrg $15.00 $7.50
Thermarest RentalTheramrestOrg $10.00 $5.00
Sleeping mat   $5.00 $2.50
Gas Cooker (incl 1 gas canister) GasStoveOrg $15.00 $7.50
Gas bottle (screw top) RentalGasOrg $9.00  N/A